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Tune in and save on your power bills

Lots of lightbulb moments to the had at the Demystifying Energy and Solar workshops.

Lots of lightbulb moments to the had at the Demystifying Energy and Solar workshops.

29 September 2020

Did you know you can negotiate your energy rate with your power provider? It’s just one of many money saving tips to be shared in two online energy information sessions returning in October.

First presented in August, the popular Demystifying Solar and Demystifying Energy workshops lifted the lid on the complex world of energy pricing, arming attendees with lots of money-saving solutions.

Council’s Environmental Education Officer, Natalie Ryan said the content of the information sessions was valuable enough to run a second time.

“When we ran the workshops in August, we had a lot of requests from people wanting to access the content online,” she said.

“These workshops have the potential to save customers hundreds of dollars on their power bills, so we are streaming and recording two additional sessions. 

“People can livestream by signing up beforehand, or they will be able to visit Council’s website to view the recorded sessions at any time.

“The sessions will be presented by Lisa Miller from the state government’s Sustainable Councils and Communities Program, who will share little-known ways to manage energy use and lower the cost of bills.

“Among the information shared will be details of the NSW government’s Energy Accounts Payment Assistance program that can save hundreds on your annual energy costs.

“You will learn how to negotiate your energy rate and supply charge with your provider, and you can learn about the simple and free things you can do to save money every day.

“People considering a move to renewables will get a lot from the Demystifying Solar session, where you will find impartial advice on topics such as how long it takes to pay your solar panels off, how to avoid paying too much and the suitability of your house for the installation of solar power.

“Energy bills represent a significant household cost in these challenging times, and it is good to know that, with the right advice, money can be saved.”

The one-hour sessions will run on Thursday 15 October, with Demystifying Energy starting at 11am, and Demystifying Solar starting at 1pm. Both sessions are free.

To register, fill in the form below.

The sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the Bega Valley Together webpage. For more information, contact Natalie Ryan on 6499 2222.



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