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Bag it, REDcycle it, and repeat!

Fill up your free soft plastics collection bag, empty it at a REDcycle bin, take it home and repeat!
Fill up your free soft plastics collection bag, empty it at a REDcycle bin, take it home and repeat!

11 October 2021

Free soft plastics collection totes are now available to get the Bega Valley Shire recycling its plastic bags, wrappers and packets. 

The reusable tote bags, available from shire libraries and Council’s Zingel Place office, are perfect for stowing away soft plastics at home and taking them to recycling spots at local supermarkets. 

Council Waste Project Officer, Amber Gault said soft plastics often end up in landfill or green waste because many people aren’t aware of the best disposal method. 

“Basically, soft plastics are recycled through the REDcycle bins located at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets throughout the shire,” Ms Gault said.

“If your soft plastics still contain food, please place the food into your FOGO bin and then REDcycle the plastic.

“This is important because soft plastics account for about 50% of all contamination in Bega Valley FOGO bins.

“Making the collection bags available is the second of three stages in Council's campaign to raise awareness about soft plastic recycling. 

“The first stage was a survey to learn how the shire deals with soft plastics and it revealed that a significant number of people were disposing?of soft plastics incorrectly.?

"In this next stage we are helping people make the right choice by increasing awareness of what soft plastics are and how to dispose of this problem waste using our free collection bags.” 

“Soft plastics are things like bread bags, biscuit packets and frozen vegetable bags. If you’re unsure if it’s recyclable check the packaging for the Australian Recycling Label store drop-off symbol, or the REDcycle logo. If it’s on the packaging, then bag it and recycle it. 

"We hope that using these bags to dispose of soft plastics in?REDcycle?bins at local supermarkets will reduce the volume of waste ending up in our landfill. 

"This will be convenient for many people as they can simply collect their soft plastics in their re-usable bag, empty it when they go grocery shopping, and take it home to fill up again. 

“Anyone is welcome to swing by our main office in Bega, or any of our libraries and pick up a free re-usable bag.” 

Ms Gault said details about the third stage of the campaign would be released soon. 

“We can’t wait to announce the third stage as it involves the shire’s amazing young waste warriors and some great examples of what happens when you REDcycle soft plastics. Watch this space.”

REDcycle?bins can be found at local Coles and Woolworths stores. 

Visit the REDcycle website for an extensive list of recyclable soft plastic products. 

The re-usable soft plastics collection bags are a component of the Plastic Free FOGO project, supported by the Environmental Trust part of the EPA’s Waste Less Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

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