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Digital Economy Strategy

Council’s Digital Economy Strategy (DES) sets out the role Council will play in assisting the roll out of the national broadband, and once installed, outlines the opportunities Council may explore to use the digital tools enabled by the NBN to strengthen the local economy, employment and engagement with community.

The digital economy refers to the devices most of us use each day such as computers, phones and game consoles. It includes the online maps that we consult, the web searches that we do to find information, and our electronic banking.

The national DES notes the digital economy can also drive Australia's national productivity, create jobs and support new business opportunities.

This Strategy aims to present a roadmap for the development and implementation of digital economy to the residents, businesses and the community. It aims to encourage the adaption, use and development of associated infrastructure needed to keep Bega Valley Shire competitive onto the future. This strategy follows in the footsteps of the 2011 Community Strategic Plan (CSP) and 2010 Business Growth Strategy which is a vision to advance the shire. This Strategy provides an overall framework to which the operational activities could relate.

Read it here: Digital Economy Strategy

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