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Sustainability Grants program launched

Photograph: Some of the tools of the trade at the Repair Cafe.

Photograph: Some of the tools of the trade at the Repair Café.

7 April 2020

For many in our community it is the pristine natural environment that provides a real sense of place in the Valley and it is our local volunteers and community groups that in so many cases drive projects focused on enhancing what we are so lucky to have.

Sustainable Living is one of our communities’ priorities and aspirations for the future (as highlighted in the Bega Valley Shire Community Strategic Plan 2040). To reach this aspirational goal, successful delivery relies on the development of partnerships between Council and other groups to implement strategies.

With this in mind Bega Valley Shire Council is delighted to announce the launch of the 2020-21 Sustainability Grants program, which incorporates the Community Environment and Waste Community Assistance Grants and are available to protect our natural environment and support innovative resource recovery.

Community Environment Grants

The commitment and dedication of community groups to enhance, protect and restore our local environment will be supported via the Community Environment Grants, with recipients to share in $50,000 funded through Council’s Environment Levy.

Council’s Environment and Sustainability Officer, Michael Fiedler, said the overarching aims of this program are to support our community groups; encourage and foster ethical environmental behaviour; increase community awareness; support conservation strategies; encourage innovation; and support, protect and enhance areas of cultural significance.

“Any groups keen to enhance, protect and restore the natural environment of the Shire are strongly encouraged to apply,” Mr Fiedler said.

“Their work could take in wetlands, coastal foreshores, river banks, and wildlife corridors, as well as innovative community education initiatives as examples.

“Grant recipients in previous years have undertaken a diverse range of projects that have made our Shire an even nicer place to live and visit and this program provides a great opportunity to make a real difference in the local area.” 

Community Waste Grants

Don’t waste your waste! Do you have any ideas for repurposing and re-use that could turn waste into something useful?

With a move towards a more sustainable way of living, Council is looking to support groups working on local waste solutions and community education projects.

One previous recipient, the Bega Valley Repair Café, received a grant to keep electrical and clothing items out of landfill.

This group of volunteers fixes common household items such as vacuum cleaners and remote controls. They also do minor clothing repairs, which saves water to produce new items, and helps to reduce the large volumes of fashion and textile waste disposed of.

Their grant was used to purchase tools and equipment, including recently purchasing items to fix rechargeable battery packs – batteries being a major contaminant there are major benefits to the environment by keeping them out of the waste stream.

For more information about the Bega Valley Repair Café, search for them on Facebook or contact David Neyle on 0405 383 692.

If you are currently involved in a community waste reduction initiative or have ideas that encourage and foster sustainable waste management behaviour amongst the community, consider applying for the Category B Community Waste Grants.

More Information

Both grants are competitive, with a maximum of $6,000 (+GST) available for any single community environment project and a maximum of $5,000 (+GST) for a community waste project.

To be eligible for a grant, your group or organisation must be non-profit and based in the Bega Valley Shire. Groups must also have an ABN and be incorporated (or be auspiced by an organisation that has an ABN and incorporation status), and they must meet the requirements of the Community Grants Program Information and Guidelines.

Applications are now open and close at 4.30pm on Friday, 15 May 2020 and it is strongly recommended that you discuss your project with Council prior to applying.

To do this and for more information on the entire Sustainability Grants Program contact Council’s Grants Administration Officer, Jayde Rankin, on (02) 6499 2330 or email


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