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High consumption charges explained

To help people manage the cost of building a non-residential development in the Bega Valley Shire, we offer businesses and developers an option to channel payment of the Section 64 developer contribution through High Consumption (HC) water and sewer charges.

This boils down to paying a higher rate per kilolitre if you use more than your quarterly high consumption charge threshold.

If your water and sewerage system use is under the threshold, there are no additional charges in your quarterly bill. If your water and sewerage system use exceed the threshold, the following additional charges apply:

  • $2.23 extra per kL extra for water  
  • $3.38 extra per kL extra for sewer  

If you regularly exceed the threshold, you can buy additional entitlements at the current Section 64 developer contribution rate. This will raise your quarterly HC threshold.

Any additional charges will be billed separately and payable quarterly.

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For general rate information visit Water supply and Sewerage service charges


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