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Trees to be removed from Lions Park, Bega

Friday July 15 2016 The stand of Sydney blue gums in Lions Park, Bega

Bega Valley Shire Council is taking steps to ensure the safety of people and property neighbouring the Lions Park on Ravenswood Street Bega.

Six Sydney blue gum trees from the Park will need to be removed following recent branch failures.

Council’s Recreation Assets Officer, John Turville, said Council appreciates the value of trees particularly within parkland areas, but unfortunately the time had come to reduce the risk these long standing trees posed.

Assessments by a qualified arborist and Council staff of all 20 Sydney blue gum’s in the Park has determined the level of risk each tree represents. 

Six had significant defects that meant they were not able to be suitability managed into the future. The defects include fungal decay, lighting strike and problems with the trees form and structure.  

“Unfortunately ongoing management is not always practical and ultimately we need to keep people’s safety at the front of our minds,” Mr Turville said.

Of the 14 remaining trees, remedial pruning work will occur on some to maintain their distinctive presence in the park, while managing any risk to the community from falling limbs.

Removal of the six defected trees will start on July 25 by a qualified and experienced team of arborists with the stumps ground following removal. 

The trees will be mulched and used to landscape other community spaces like Bega Park and Kisses’ Lagoon.  Any larger pieces of timber will either be reused in Council landscaping projects around the Shire or be made available to non-profit organisations.

The Lions Park on Ravenswood Street Bega, will be closed whilst the tree removal works are underway.  Nearby residents and frequent users of the Park are being notified.

Any queries should be directed to Council’s Leisure and Recreation Officer, John Turville, on 0427 570 599.

Photograph: The stand of Sydney blue gums in Lions Park, Bega.


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