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Camp management plan for Flying Foxes

Flying fox camp at the Glebe Lagoon, Bega.Bega Valley Shire Council is developing a flying-fox camp management plan for the Glebe Lagoon grey-headed flying-fox camp in Bega.

Environmental consultants Ecological, along with a local community engagement consultant, are developing the plan that will document the potential impacts from flying foxes that roost in Glebe Lagoon. The Plan, funded predominantly by a grant from Local Government NSW, will also capture community sentiment and suggestions on how to manage this issue now and into the future.

Council’s Natural Assets Officer, Andrew Morrison said, flying foxes have been using the Glebe lagoon as a daytime roost and breeding site (camp) for around 10 years, arriving in spring and leaving in autumn.

While the plan is focussed on Glebe Lagoon the information contained in the plan will assist with the management of camps that may sporadically form elsewhere in the Shire, including townships like Candelo.

Community consultation has already commenced with residents within 1km of the Glebe Camp asked to complete an online survey.

Interviews are also being conducted with key stakeholders identified by the steering committee including orchardists, horse clubs and environmental groups.

The broader community is also encouraged to have their say.

The online survey is available until 29 September 2017

There will be further opportunities for community input as the plan is developed.

Please contact Andrew Morrison on (02) 6499 2222 for information on the consultation process.

Further information on flying foxes can be found at:


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