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The priorities and ambitions of the Bega Valley Shire community have been actioned through a series of draft plans that are now on public exhibition.

Image of Councillor Kristy McBain with the draft Community Strategic Plan.Tuesday 23 May 2017

The priorities and ambitions of the Bega Valley Shire community have been actioned through a series of draft plans that are now on public exhibition.

Feedback from over 2000 people collected in the last 12 months via street stalls, hall meetings, phone and online surveys, has set the short and long-term approach for the delivery of Council services and facilities.

General Manager, Leanne Barnes said she was excited at the level of ‘buy in’ from the community.

“These documents are born of this community and belong to our future together,” Ms Barnes said.

“Feedback from across the Shire has been boiled down to form these documents, and I am really keen for people to be familiar with them, see where we are headed, and what it all means.”

Council is seeking feedback on:

  • Draft Bega Valley Shire Community Strategic Plan 2040
  • Draft Bega Valley Shire Resourcing Strategy
  • Draft Bega Valley Shire Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Operational Plan 2017-18
  • Fees and Charges (fees for 2017-18)

Ms Barnes said staff had worked hard to make these documents user friendly.

“None the less, they are a lot to take in, but I am hoping the community will recognise their words and involvement and continue to contribute,” Ms Barnes said.

Broadly speaking people will notice a refocus of current expenditure towards road infrastructure and improving the presentation and maintenance of current assets.

Other stand-out themes include:

  • Plans to improve disabled access and inclusion
  • No rate increases until a detailed review of Council’s assets and consideration of new models for service provision undertaken
  • Council to undertake extensive community engagement around new projects
  • Funding for first stage of a Commercial Centres Study

“We don’t have the resources to meet all our ambitions and expectations,” Ms Barnes said.

“People will notice that recent requests for more tourism funding and extending lifeguard services just aren’t possible right now.”

Links to all the draft documents are currently on Council’s website and available as hard copies from Shire Libraries and Council’s Zingel Place administration centre.

Submissions close Wednesday 14 June.

Photograph: Cr Kristy McBain with the draft Community Strategic Plan.


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