Update to Council Policy 4.14 Burning off in open areas

Policy 4.14 Burning off in open areas has been updated to reflect changes to the Australian fire danger rating system.

Council is required under Section 165 of the Local Government Act 1993 to review and adopt its ‘local approvals and orders policies’ (its ‘policies’) within 12-months of the local government election. 

Earlier this year, staff reviewed and proposed some changes to Policy 4.14 Burning off in open areas to provide greater clarity. Following public consultation, the revised policy was endorsed by Council on 17 August 2022 and updated on our website.

Have Your Say

Since adoption of the policy there has been an update to the Australian fire danger rating system administered by the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services. These changes need to be reflected in Policy 4.14. An updated draft policy, incorporating these changes, is now available for review.

You can provide your comments by:

  • Emailing: council@begavalley.nsw.gov.au with Update to Council Policy 4.14 Burning off in open areas  in the subject line
  • Posting a letter to: Chief Executive Officer, Bega Valley Shire Council, PO Box 492, Bega NSW 2550
  • Commenting online: use the comments box at the bottom of this page to Have your Say about Policy 4.14

Please submit your feedback by 11:59pm Sunday 12 February 2022.

Who is listening

Tony Payne
Phone:  02 6499 2222
email: tpayne@begavalley.nsw.gov.au

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