Bermagui all-inclusive playground

Design, develop and construct an all-inclusive playground in Bermagui.


Bega Valley Shire Council has received support from the Stronger Country Communities Fund to design, develop and construct an all-inclusive playground in Bermagui.

Currently, there is no regional play space in Bermagui like there is in other towns across the Shire, e.g. Ford Park playground in Merimbula or Lot Stafford Playground in Tathra.

Provision of such a play space is valuable not only to the local community but is a vital asset to accommodate the needs of many tourists who visit Bermagui for their holidays, as well as other special events such as the Four Winds Festival or Sculpture Bermagui.


To design & build an accessible all-inclusive playground in Bermagui.

BVSC values and is committed to providing safe and accessible recreational infrastructure and opportunities for the community.

BVSC values and is committed to engaging with community members and listening to their views in relation to issues and decision that are important to the local community.

BVSC is responsible for planning and managing its recreational assets to ensure they remain safe and accessible and are maintained to a suitable standard.


Funding for this project has been provided by the NSW State Government, through the Stronger Country Communities Fund (Round 2), to the value of $376,000. Bega Valley Shire Council is contributing an additional $42,000 resulting in a total project budget of $418,000.

The Stronger Country Communities Fund invests in infrastructure projects in regional NSW communities to improve the lives of residents and enhance the attractiveness of these areas as vibrant places to live and work.

Community Strategic Plan (CSP) link

Outcome: Active and Healthy Communities

Goal: We are an active, healthy community with access to good quality recreation and sporting facilities, and medical health care.

Strategy: Collaborate with partners to provide facilities, activities and services that encourage more people to have active and healthy lifestyles.

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